Why Your Small Business Needs Push Notifications

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Why Your Small Business Needs Push Notifications

So, what is a push notification?  A push notification is a message you can send to anyone who downloads your mobile application and agrees to receive messages from you.  This is one of the many features that make a mobile application a must have for any small business.  All industries benefit when they are able to market to, and communicate to, their current customers and prospects right in their own pockets.

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Studies are showing that 72% more customers AND prospective customers will read a push notification (resembles a text) than they will even open a marketing email.  Let’s face it, we all hate the email we are inundated with on a daily basis.  We all open our emails on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, and immediately start deleting emails that feel like we are being sold to.

5 years ago there were so many marketing training courses on how to find the right subject line to get your emails opened.  Well, now a days we are all marketed to so much, there isn’t a subject line out there to “fool” someone into the click and if you did, chances are the prospect or customer is just going to be annoyed.

Now let’s look at push notifications.  Did you know that push notification have a 90% open rate?  These are sent out to people you know are interested in your company, service or product.  We advise that you limit push notifications and don’t overly send.  It is also a great idea to not only include specials or deals coming up, but to send entertaining subject matter that will engage the audience.  Daily deals, happy hours, overstock sales, any quick response need from your customer can be easily sent out.  No more printing costs, advertising costs, boost costs.  All you need is your mobile application in place and boom the communication line is open!

That being said, with a push of a button you can send your latest news. promotion or sale to every client you have sold to and every person who has downloaded your application.  You can target an audience by age, gender, location, preferences, the options are limitless.  There is no industry that could not benefit from this.

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Another great thing about push notifications is they are free to the reader.  The dangerous thing about text marketing is that user that still pays for their text messages.  Yes, they are becoming fewer and farther between, but they are still out there.  And they get MAD if you cost them money.  Also, text marketing costs for the advertiser as well.  With push notifications they are a free feature included in your application build (with our company, not always the case with others).  So for the cost of your application, you get unlimited messages to send out.  Push notifications along with loyalty programs and instant contact is the reason why your small business needs a mobile application now more than ever.  Along with the SEO gain and the fact that more and more people are searching via mobile devices, mobile has become a must!

Push notifications also increase engagement with your app and improve user retention rates. Thus, not only can they help drive activity on the topic of your message, they also help increase the returns you see from your app. Push notifications serve double duty and offer a number of benefits at once.

For example, you can send a beautifully designed push notification message in seconds offering people 10% off their dinner within the next hour if things are slow during certain business hours.

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This not only helps bring in new customers, but can help attract loyal customers back into your establishment. The return on investment here is absolutely staggering for a small business. You add in food or product ordering, reservation setting, or instant contact into your application with push notifications to engage the user to accept an offer and you have an unbeatable growth plan.

Mobile technologies are new to a lot of business owners, and can be overwhelming.  If you would like a free consultation to see how mobile can increase your bottom line, give us shout!  We are here to help, we only succeed if you do!


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