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SEO Has a New Pair of Shoes

The new name of the game is ‘Social SEO’…

This isn’t your Dad’s SEO anymore! Shady link building practices that worked just a few years ago have become risky business for marketers. Search engines have evolved to include a wide variety of data when deciding where to rank a website in search.  Content is more important and the content needs to be up to date, engaging and conversational.   Your customers are expecting more from you online.  They want to see that you care about them, your product and are going to stand by what you are selling.

SEO is not just about links anymore. It’s about sparking conversations around your brand. It’s about making people want to actually talk about your business. In order to rise to the top of today’s competitive market, companies have to think beyond keyword position. Branding, user experience and conversion optimization are just as important.

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What Is ‘Social SEO’?

Social SEO is the intersection between search engine marketing and using social media to promote your content. You can continue to put these is separate columns, but the reality is that they are as connected as ever. The success of one fuels the other. Plus, because social networks (like Facebook and Twitter) have highly authoritative domains, optimizing these channels helps businesses take up more real estate in search results — meaning more opportunities to get seen.

SEO is more about building relationships and creating resources that people find valuable. It doesn’t matter if you appear on page one on Google if your copy won’t convert or move visitors to action.

There are two rules to follow…

  1. Build content for people, not (just) search engines.
  2. Don’t focus on likes and tweets — focus on the people who share your content.

Of course, you still need to optimize! On-page SEO is still important. Links play a huge factor in rankings, but your audience should always take center stage.

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Social Media Management

You can do more for the growth of your business with consistent, exciting content posted to your Social Media platforms.  It is imperative to create a posting schedule and calendar that allows you to post visual, engaging content to as many of your platforms as your time will allow.

It is also important that your posts are created with your brand in mind and consistent imagery to make every impression count.  Your audience wants to be included and “talked to,” not marketed to.   They want to see you as a person or your company as approachable.  They want to feel a “link” to your business, not see one in a directory some where.  This is how social media has changed our world.  We all expect communication and inclusion.

On average people research more before purchases.  That is the glory in having a device in our hands at all times that can pull information from all over the world.  The difference is, now instead of reading Consumer Reports to make a purchasing decision, they watch your interaction with your clients and the world through social media.

Social Media Management and posting can be very stressful for the business owner and very time consuming, but it is a very important part of growing your business.  If you have any questions, please contact us!

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